So you have an idea, but are struggling with how to get the exact measurements so we can create a 3D file and print it for you.

A vital tool to get exact measurements is a Digital Caliper. These tools are invaluable for precise measurements, that are just too difficult to get with a tape measure allowing you to measure to the mm the diameter or thickness of any object.

The set of calipers we use in our shop on almost a daily basics can be found here. They are only $10 bucks and you’ll find many uses for these around the house were sure! You can find them on Amazon here 0-6″ Digital Calipers.

If you need larger calipers, we also recommend 8 – 12″ Digital Calipers. Just be sure to choose which size you need when adding the calipers to your cart.

When giving us measurements, we prefer mm, however are able to convert from in to mm.

Here’s an example of a simple diagram by a customer. We don’t need perfect, or fancy. Just a simple sketch in 2d with measurements showing us how far apart dimensions are.

Please note: Ownership of the digital .stl or cad files are normally not included unless specifically stated within the invoice. We retain all rights to resell the custom item within our marketplace to get you the lowest price possible for design.