Welcome to Leafgreen Solutions LLC

What started as a hobby with a saltwater fish tank in my living room soon turned into a full time 3D printing & laser business in my garage as I searched for parts/accessories I just couldn’t find commercially. 

Every product on my ecommerce sites (ebay, etsy) has come from a simple need/solution from either myself or my customers. A solution that just isn’t available off the shelf whereas the awesome world of 3D printing provides the answers.

I focus mostly on functional products that serve a need/purpose however I do offer some fun items such as custom acrylic fish tank signs or Sea Urchin Hats!

Have a custom need/solution that just doesn’t yet have a solution in the real world? Let’s talk about making that a reality. I also do branch out of the Salt Water world, so reach out with any question/idea.

Ryan Leafgreen